Institute Of Technology
MAP Standard and Mold Fine Particulate Testing

Microbial and Fine Particulate Certification Course

Certification designation:  MAP Certified “MAP”

To become MAP certified you must already hold at minimum one mold certification issued by a professional organization recognized by the North American Institute of Technology.

Others may attend this course program and receive a “Course Completion Certificate”, but may not be eligible to take the certification exam.

What are Mold Fine Particulates?

The discovery of Mold Fine Particulates has been labeled by the industry as the most important single breakthrough in the history of Professional Mold Services. No longer can the insurance companies, or the Courts, deny that mold is a deadly “Biohazard”. New medical Peer Group review findings, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Environmental Protection Agency “EPA”, published reports, clearly state that Mold Fine Particulate has been linked to multiple known species of “Pathogenic” Fungi, and are documented as the direct cause of disease and death in human beings. These medical breakthroughs have elevated the status of the Mold Service Professional to a new plateau, a category of prestige, and a new increased pay scale.

This is the most advanced mold certification course in the United States.  In this course you will study:

·         What are “Mold Fine Particulates”

·         Why the mold professional service industry has completely changed

·         What are the actual health dangers of Mold Fine Particulate exposure

·         How to test for Mold Fine Particulates

·         How to remediate for Mold Fine Particulates

·         Special Needs Remediation