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North American Institute Of Technology

The North American Institute Of Technology is registered and recognized as a private career institution for professional education and development by the Non-Postsecondary Educational Commission, NPEC, Board Of Regents, Workforce Development, the Department of Higher Education, and other State authorities / organizations. 

The North American Institute Of Technology is a seat of higher learning, established to be the industries leader in technical education for microbial sciences. NAIT provides an educational experience beyond current industry standards and measures, which sets our graduates apart from the rest of the industries professionals.


We take great pride in that our every effort each day is to raise the bar, and create an environment of challenge and understanding that allows our graduates to grasp all dimensions of our industry.


Each Course has been developed with the expertise and experience of industry PhD’s, MD’s, our Legal team, and experts in each field to develop course materials that are intriguing and second to none. Our programs maintain the highest level of integrity and testing standards throughout the United States.


Each day we set the pace paving the way for a higher level of student achievement. We examine and test the latest technologies, methodologies and equipment delivering to our students the most current information and materials, bringing you an education that is unrivaled.


Our instruction of theory, practical application and hands on learning will guide you to an unmatched career of successes. Our philosophy is, “ Good Enough, is the enemy of excellence”, our promise to you is an educational experience of a lifetime, and a professional career for living.


Our educational courses and testing programs are the toughest, and that’s why our graduates are, the very very best!


When you are a NAIT graduate the world knows you’ve earned it.


Best wishes in all of your endeavors,

Bradstreet Waldon